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Hi there, I am Jayde!


A failed wannabe playboy bunny, who now moonlights as a foodie and mermaid, or most know me as a Perth-based photographer with a love for all things sensual and empowering!

Growing up, I suffered as most do from personal (and outside) body shaming, I was too thin, then I was too fat, I was too tall or I wasn't tall enough, but as I grew older, I learnt that my body was beautiful, it was strong, it allowed me to achieve so much, it allowed me to feel and experience life, it was a body made for me. 


As I started working on self-portraits to show myself how powerful the art of boudoir is, it fully opened my eyes to the incredible feeling of empowerment and confidence boudoir allows you to experience, I knew this is what I wanted to capture for other women and men, so they can also experience how incredible their bodies are and how they should feel proud to express themselves through art whether it is for the public or their partners behind closed doors. 

Pulling from my own sensual experiences, I try to capture images that spark something in your blood, that feeling of pleasure and sensuality, that feeling of empowerment and sexuality, creating something that shows your darker side, whether that be a sensual lingerie image or a full-on kink fest, there isn't a door I won't knock on at least once!


So let's say FUCK yes!




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